What is ESCCA

The European Society for Clinical Cell Analysis (ESCCA) is internationally recognized as a leading scientific organization and the authority in many European countries to educate and certify people who are involved in the cell analysis process. Its leader status was achieved through decades of hard work on building a network of excellence, which today consists of thousands of individuals, 22 national and 3 international scientific societies.

ESCCA members are professional scientists working in cell measurement for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, utilizing advanced technologies.

ESCCA defines clinical but also preclinical or transfer applications of cytometry embracing the fields of pathology, immunology, haematology, cancer, ageing, regenerative medicine and microbiology.

ESCCA Actions

  • Keeping its members in touch with expert clinical scientists in a multi-national, friendly and collaborative environment
  • Providing expert advices and assistance with technical problems
  • Organizing courses and conferences
  • Offering web access to current and past Clinical Cytometry Journal issues
  • Publishing online teaching material and presentations from past ESCCA courses
  • Promoting scientific initiatives, courses, studies and surveys


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