CompuVac is a European project providing a standardized framework for the development and the evaluation of novel vaccine’s platforms. To this end, the consortium elaborates standard protocols for the production and the evaluation of genetic vaccines for vaccination and gene therapies. Evaluation are based on molecular and cellular methods in virology and immunology, and supported by algorithms based on genomic and proteomic information.

This program gathers 18 academic and private partners leading to major breakthroughs in the domain. The implementation of an information system, GeVaDSs (Genetic Vaccine Decision Support system) storing and integrating results from the different partners and providing efficacy information of a large panel of vaccine platforms beneficiates all the scientific community.



Recombinant viral vectors and virus-like particles are considered the most promising vehicles to deliver antigens in prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines against infectious diseases and cancer. Several potential vaccine designs exist but their cost-effective development cruelly lacks a standardised evaluation system.


On these grounds, COMPUVAC is devoted to:

  1. rational development of a novel platform of genetic vaccines and
  2. standardisation of vaccine evaluation.

COMPUVAC assembles a platform of viral vectors and virus-like particles that are among today’s most promising vaccine candidates and that are backed up by the consortium’s complementary expertise and intellectual property, including SMEs focusing on vaccine development. COMPUVAC recognises the lack of uniform means for side-by-side qualitative and quantitative vaccine evaluation and will thus standardise the evaluation of vaccine efficacy and safety by using “gold standard” tools, molecular and cellular methods in virology and immunology, and algorithms based on genomic and proteomic information.

“Gold standard” algorithms for intelligent interpretation of vaccine efficacy and safety will be built into COMPUVAC’s interactive Genetic Vaccine Decision Support System, which should generate:

  1. vector classification according to induced immune response quality, accounting for gender and age,
  2. vector combination counsel for prime-boost immunisations, and
  3. vector safety profile according to genomic analysis.

The knowledge assembled from these studies will be applied to the development of vaccines against Hepatitis C Virus. As end products, the vector platform and “gold standard” tools, methods and algorithms are available to the scientific and industrial communities as a toolbox and interactive database which standardised nature should contribute to cost-effective development of novel vaccines with validated efficacy and safety profile.